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"As the name suggests, Tiny Tale Studios was created to tell stories. We click your happy moments through our photographs and create a visual story for you.

We think of ourselves as skilled artists with keen technical expertise as we capture your life through our lens. Passionate about our work and our commitment to clients, we plan to create adorable tales with our cameras."

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Well-planned and executed photoshoots make everyone happy. We would like you to feel comfortable and reassured. Choose from among our array of services for your big events and let us know how we can make it special for you.

Couple shoots

Life changes in a moment. From two single individuals, you become a couple bound together... more!


One of the most celebrated and important occasions, especially in India, marriages involve a ... more!


Don’t pose; don’t smile! Just the way it is, makes for a beautiful picture. The focus here... more!


Events include a range of occasions such as corporate events, conferences, parties, naming... more!

Infants & Kids Shoot

The innocence, fun and merriment of childhood are unparalleled and irreplaceable... more!

Product Shoot

If you have a product to sell, you definitely need to show your target audience what you have more!


Portraits involve more technicality than one can imagine. They can be for casual or formal or even artistic more!

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    Cute moments with your loved one...!

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    Another phase of your life.

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    Expression of your pure love

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    Make yourself very special and make others attention!

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    It may happen again but you never see the authentic moments

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    Seems like sunrise with fresh start

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    Exploring the features and new perspective of the products

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“The Tiny Tale family comprises of three main characters. Find out a little more about each of them!”


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“A storyteller does not always need a pen and paper. We just use our cameras!” Reach out to us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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